Manifesto 2014

Manifa against the violence and oppression of power relations!
Every year on March 8 – International Women’s Day – we come out onto the streets to express our discontent and to shout out our anger.
At this year’s Manifa we address the various forms of oppression and violence we experience on a daily basis.
Oppression takes the form of rape, domestic violence, as well as state and church control over our bodies.
Oppression takes the form of exploitation, junk contracts, starvation wages, and the violation of workers’ rights.
Oppression takes the form of privatization and limiting access to public goods and services, such as education, care, housing, and health care.
Oppression takes the form of building shopping malls and offices at the cost of public space – parks, allotment gardens, and green spaces.
Oppression takes the form of a political system in which citizens only have the right to express their opinion once every four years, because the authorities know best.
We come out onto the streets protesting against the oppression of power which generates poverty and social divisions, and which fuels the proliferation of fascism. We confront state and municipal authorities, which take the side of the most privileged, and which curtails our civil rights. We confront the power of capital which exploits our labor. We confront the authority of the clergy which justifies inequality and oppression by saying: “It is the will of God.”
On International Women’s Day we once again want to demonstrate our hope for a decent life.
We believe that a different world is possible and that we can create it together.
Manifa is a day of anger and social solidarity!
Join us!

Join the Manifa on March 8, 2014

Rynek Square (next to the pillory) at 2:00 PM