Przemarsz 2015


Projekt: Ewa Głowacka i Karolina Pietrzyk

Startujemy o godzinie 13:00 spod Fredry!
Będziemy maszerować w rytmach wrocławskiej Podwórkowej Samby!
W trakcie przemarszu wystąpi dla nas Warszawski Teatr Rewolucyjny, który przedstawi feministyczą wersję sztuki Bertolta Brechta, pod tytułem “Ten, który mówi tak i Ta, która mówi nie”

Przyjdźcie pod pomnik Fredry w niedzielę 8 marca o godzinie 13:00!
Strajk kobiet teraz!




Come and support this year’s Wrocław Manifa, which will march through our city’s streets under the slogan WOMEN’S STRIKE NOW!

On Saturday, 28 February, we will have a great time with:

– good music

–  tasty vegan snacks

– and great prizes in our lottery

This will be our WARNING STRIKE!

You’re very much invited! Entry fee: only 10 zł!

Centrum Reanimacji Kultury, Jagiellończyka street 10c/d

link to the Facebook event



Admission: Vegan dish or 10 zł

Location: CRK Cafe Utopia,ul. Jagiellończyka 10cd

Date: Sunday, 15th of February 2015, godz. 4 PM

Join us by the table, socialize, enjoy delicious food and share your own recipee with others!

Kuchnia Społeczna is about promoting ethical vegan cooking and spending some quality time together. The money we raise is for supporting valuable social intiatives. This time we are raising money for Manifa.

Please remember that the amount and quality of food depend only on us, so we encourage you to prepare your favourite vegan meals to share them with others!

Benefit for Manifa Wrocław

Manifesto 2015

Initiative of the 8th of March,

Wroclaw, 2015

“Women, it’s a general strike. Wages and hours it’s time to keep count” thus sang our feminist predecessors from the Women’s Struggle movement, taking to the streets and demanding justice at home, school and factory. Forty years after their protests, this cry has not lost its power. On the 8th of March we take to the streets to shout: Women’s strike now!

We strike because we do not want to work for free. We strike because we do not want to work for peanuts. We strike because we have had enough of our strength and energy being used for work that wears us out. We live in constant uncertainty; we have no time for anything; we increasingly lose control over our lives. We toil from one temporary job to another, not knowing what another month will bring. The only stable job that the state is able to provide us with is the unpaid one, connected with child care. If we agree to take on the upbringing of our children, despite our meager wages we need to provide them with health care and education. In exchange, the state cuts more and more corners on our safety: pensions, free health care, free kindergartens and day care are now luxury goods.

When we fight for our basic rights, they try to silence us by calling our demands an “entitlement mentality”. And when we refuse to perform our “duties”, we are branded egoists, inconvenient for the system. When we resist, we are told that we always have a choice.

Our patience is exhausted. Our fear has transformed into anger, because we know that without us this system is not able to function. Without our daily work neither this state, nor those who exploit us in offices and factories, will survive. This is why we call for a strike!

Enough with free overtime, enough with junk contracts, enough with starvation wages and unpaid internships! Enough with poverty and humiliation when we take care of those who need it. We do not want to live in a country where only the strongest can survive. We have had enough with class segregation, in which the size of our wallet decides on whether we are citizens.

On the International Women’s Day we again declare that we want to live with dignity. We know that a better world is possible. We can create it together. Mothers, pregnant women and those of you who do not want to have children, working and unemployed women, immigrants, queer persons, pensioners and students, come with us to Manifa!

Let us act in solidarity now – let us act in solidarity in our struggle.

Women’s strike now!